Liam McAndrew

Yo! My name is Liam McAndrew and I’m a street dancer from Kirkcaldy. The three street dance styles that I teach are popping, breaking and hiphop although my main style that I train in is popping.

I have been dancing for eight years and have competed in battles and event all over Europe, as well as this I have attended workshops and seminars with some of the top OG’s from around the world including but not limited to Link, MrWiggles and Buddha Stretch to name a few.

As well as improving my dance I find it imperative to continue to increase my knowledge of dance and the histories and foundations behind it. Eg. Why a move is named a certain thing, and also the story behind it. The knowledge side to dance is something I like to make sure I include in all my classes to give the kids that little bit extra in their own dance careers.

In a class with me you can expect to learn the correct foundations of the style, and work towards true self-expression via freestyle dance.