Weekend Photoshoot Info

Hi All,

 Please use the links below to download a full costume list for this weekends photo shoot. Costumes that have not yet been given out will be at the studio ready for collection before your allocated time with the photographer. Please note times given are when each class are with the photographer and not the time you should arrive. Dancers need to be in costume by your given time slots. Please appreciate that we will do all we can to keep to the times given but as you can imagine we may run over slightly. Due to another event our competitive kids have on this weekend we have less helpers so we ask that all parents help their own child with costume changes to allow us to keep to our time slots. Hope you are as excited as us to see everyone in costume.

We have worked non stop to make our dancers look amazing and as you can imagine getting sizes perfect is almost impossible. For most costumes we have spare so can swap things about but please note that if correct size is not available then we will do the best we can for photos and we then have 6 weeks for alterations to be made.

Please note that our office will be closed during photoshoot as all staff will be hard at work. I know a lot of you may have wanted to sort your ticket orders over the weekend so we will accepting cash ticket orders this weekend only. Card payments can be done all next week while classes are in. We will leave ticket order forms and envelopes on our table over the weekend. If you can fill out your ticket slip, add your name to the envelope with correct cash amount and hand your sealed envelope to myself or my mum we will get your tickets sorted for you. If you want to pay by card my dad will see you next week.

See you all at some point over the weekend. And incase anyone is hanging around I take my tea milk and 2 sugars and my mum is just milk. Have a feeling the pair of us are going to need lots of cuppas to keep us going.

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